Close This Book Tight

Close This Book Tight

Ages 2-7
Time: 1 minute
Starting at $27.99
No photo required

The land of the Oogies is filled with silly beasts and wild monsters that love adventure . . . and mischief. All is well as long as the Oogies stay within the confines of their storybook world – but when the Oogies escape into the real world, the real trouble begins. Can your child wrangle the Oogies and restore order? Find out with our quickest book to build - there is no photo required but you have the option to add one if you would like.

Can your child stop the Oogies?

Answer a couple questions and upload a photo (optional) to build your book and find out!

Step 1: Enter child’s info to build your custom Kabook!

*Please enter the capitalization of the text exactly as you would like it to appear in the story.

Step 2 (OPTIONAL): Upload Child's Photo

Kabook! uses sophisticated artificial intelligence and neural network processing to make your photo look like the illustration style of the book. Upload your photo and see the magic.