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Tips, ideas, inspiration and more to support imagination and literacy in children.

Children's Stories Around the World: How They Differ Culture to Culture

Each culture has a unique twist on children's stories. From imparting wisdom, to accentuating folklore, to teaching proper manners, take a fun trip across the globe and explore how stories vary.

Reading Levels And Your Child's Education

Reading is a great exercise for children, regardless of skill level. But by understanding a child's reading level you can help make the experience more engaging and fun.

The Very Real Benefits of Imagination For Children

From empathy, to problem solving, to social development, using an imagination is a healthy exercise for a child!

Personalized Books And Their Impact on Engagement

Personalized books have been shown to increase engagement for young readers and enhance the ability to take away importance concepts from stories!

Five Reasons Why Stories Are Important For Parenting

Stories do more for kids than provide an engaging bedtime ritual. They teach important life lessons, strengthen family bonds and shape values.

Five Questions With Author Laurenne Sala

Long Beach, CA based Laurenne Sala shares her thoughts on writing, parenting and the healing potential of the written word.

Keeping Your Child Engaged At Storytime

Children today are faced with many attention diverting distractions. Here are some ideas for keeping young readers engaged with stories.

Education Across The World - How Curriculums Vary

Each region of the world has a unique approach to educating its youth. Here is a look at a few different global practices and how those practices shape a culture.

How To Position Your Child For Early Academic Success

The early years of a child's life are crucial for their developing mind. Here are some tips for positioning a child for educational success.

Five Ways To Bond With Busy Kids

Family bonding teaches important lessons, creates lasting memories and forms lifelong connections. Here are 5 tips for bonding with the busy child in your home!

Children’s Stories in the Digital Age: Past, Present, and Future

Children's books have evolved as digital technology has become prevalent, but don't count out physical books just yet.

Five Fun Activities For a Rainy Day

Here are some fun ways to spend a day indoors with your child!

Why Too Much Screen Time May Be Risky For A Child

From behavioral challenges to negative physical impacts, too much screen time presents some downside for kids.

5 Netflix Shows That Will Entertain and Educate Your Kids

Whether winter chill or wet rain is keeping children indoors, here are five Netflix shows that will keep your kids entertained when the outdoors are off-limits.

Top Five Reasons To Read With Your Child

In the delicate art of raising a child, reading is one of the universally accepted practices that sets up a child for success in a demanding world.

Top Educational Tools For Kids

Five low cost options for boosting your child's educational experience.

Five Reasons Having a Pet Is Good For Your Family

How Stories Shape Your Kids' World

Find out why stories are critical to the development of children.

The Evolution of Children's Stories

A History of Myths, Fables, and Literature for Kids

Parent Favorite Gifts For Kids Under Five

Overwhelmed by gift options for your toddler? Here are some great gifts to consider!

Smart Phones And Kids - How Young Is Too Young?

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. But when should they become part of a child's life?

2020 Guide To Parenting In The Digital Age

Everything you wanted to know about raising a child in the digital age.

The Most Important Predictor of Your Child's Academic Success

Find out why a book filled home positions your child for academic success.

E-Books or Print? What's Best For Kids?

Reading is good for your kids, but does physical form matter?

The Evolution of Gifts and How They Became Personalized

Why do we give gifts?

Five Reasons Why Books Make The Best Gift For Kids

Give a child a gift that never stops giving.