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hornswoggled kabook fun activity


Ages 2-7   |   Time: 30-45 minutes   |   Child participation required

Adventure ahoy! Captain Winky and his loyal crew have found a mysterious treasure map, but they can’t solve its riddles! Looking through their spyglass, the sailors spot your child and call for help. If your child can solve the map’s three riddles, Captain Winky might just add a new member to his crew . . . But everyone is in for a swashbuckling surprise when the treasure is revealed!

Solve the riddles,
find the treasure!

Three savvy swashbucklers can't find their buried treasure, but your kid has the answers! Enjoy an awesome co-creation experience, taking seven unique photos that will have your child literally answering questions from the characters in the book.

hornswoggled fun activity for kids
hornswoggled pictures for book

Lights. Camera. Kabook!

Never before have your pictures been placed in a storybook to appear seamlessly alongside illustrated characters. Some tips: the photos that work best are brightly lit and have the subject occupying at least 1/3 to 1/2 of the frame.

hornswoggled bright pictures for book

Subject fills frame. High contrast between subject and background.

hornswoggled dark picture low contrast

Subject doesn't fill frame. Dark picture with low contrast.

Turn photos into photoooohhhs!

Kabook! uses sophisticated artificial intelligence and neural network processing to make your photo look like the illustration style of the book. If a photo doesn’t look like it’s working, please try another one. Like most technologies, it’s really neat, but it’s not perfect.

hornswoggled kabook photos using ai
hornswoggled custom book keepsake memory
hornswoggled custom book keepsake memory

Lifelong memories,
keepsake quality.

All Kabook! titles are available in hardback and softback editions. They are printed on heavy, 70-pound paper, to resist tearing -- and with a matte finish to resist fading. So your Kabook! can be a bedtime story today and a memory factory down the road.

Start building

More memories await!

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