the list kabook custom childrens book


Ages 2-7   |   Time: 5 minutes   |   Starting at $27.99
Great Grandparent Gift!

The Kabook! Experience: Arggh! Thar be pirates that need your child’s help solving riddles to find their buried treasure. Everyone is in for a surprise when instead of treasure, the chest contains a kissy tickle monster (mom, dad, grandparent, etc.)!

Solve the riddles, find the treasure!

Three savvy swashbucklers can't find their buried treasure, but your kid has the answers!
Answer a question and upload two photos to build your book and find out!

Step 1: Enter child's info
Step 2: Upload two photos of child

Kabook! uses sophisticated artificial intelligence and neural network processing to make your photo look like the illustration style of the book. Upload your photo and see the magic.

Add a photo of your child smiling and waving.

Add a picture of yourself as the kissy tickle monster and whenever you read this story, end it by smothering your child with tickles, hugs & kisses!