Ages 2-7
Time: 5 minutes
Starting at $27.99
Super fast - super awesome

The fate of the land depends on your child! In a magic kingdom not too far away, armies of frogs are invading and only (gulp!) one child can possibly help! This mind-blowing story only requires one photo (you can take a new one or upload one from your library) that search parties will use to scour the kingdom for the chosen child. You will also need to provide details (such as favorite food, favorite song, etc) that will be incorporated into the story to make sure the one true child is identified! Minimum effort for this one. Maximum reward!

Is your child the one?

Answer the following questions and upload one photo to find out!

Step 1: Enter child’s info to build your custom Kabook!

*Please enter the capitalization of the text exactly as you would like it to appear in the story.

Step 2 (OPTIONAL): Upload Child's Photo

Kabook! uses sophisticated artificial intelligence and neural network processing to make your photo look like the illustration style of the book. Upload your photo and see the magic.