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The List

Holiday Favorite

What will happen if your child’s page is left off the naughty or nice list? Join Santa’s staff in the North Pole as they attempt to save Christmas by locating your child’s page. A personalized story that is great for gifting and fun for all ages and parents, too!

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"Perfect Holiday Gift"

Ages 2-8
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Build Your Kabook!

This book requires 1 photo of the child that you upload when previewing the book.

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What our customers have to say about Kabook:

Cassidy D

My nieces absolutely love reading, so a book that includes them in the story was such an obvious gift I had to get them. I can't wait to give them their books!

Matteson F

A Kabook is a high-octane imagination fuel and slam dunk gift idea for any creative kid. I recommend it to all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or whoever is looking to gift something special to a child in their life.

Joseph A

My wife and I have created books on MyKabook for our three children and it's great. Quick, easy and fun!

Gil T

Kabook is a game changer for children's books. It offers a totally unique perspective to the beloved pastime of reading a book with your kid.

Take An Peak Inside Santa's Christmas Operation

From cover to cover, The List is a fun look into Santa’s workshop! From ribbon cutting machines, to Santa's flight path, to forests of Christmas trees and mountains of mistletoe.

Can Sprig and Holly Save Christmas For Your Child?

Sprig and Holly have lost your child’s page of the naughty or nice list! Can they hurry to find your child’s page of the list before it’s too late?