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We Hope You Remember

Baby book Great gift

Share the personalized story of a family’s love for a child and create a keepsake that documents the special moments between parent and child.

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"Perfect Holiday Gift"

Ages 0-8
1 Photo Required

Build Your Kabook!

This book requires 1 photo of the child that you upload when previewing the book.

First name:

What our customers have to say about Kabook:

Susan S

What a wonderful way for a child to feel part of the book! To see their names as part of the story make it such a unique experience.

Sandra E

I love reading our Kabook. The story is entertaining and well written. The pictures are fund to look at. And the quality of the book wonderful.

Margaret B

My niece's face lit up when she saw her picture in the book! Fun product and experience to share with a child.

Alastair B

My son loves to read the story where he is the hero.

A Personalized Ode To A Child

Great gift idea for families with a newborn, or to mark special childhood milestones. We Hope You Remember will be as special for an adult as it is for a child.

Celebrate The Special Moments of Parenthood

Children are a special gift and each child has a unique personality, a special connection with the surrounding world. We Hope You Remember is a personalized ode to these moments, from hiccups, to giggles to the first game of hide and seek.