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The Christmas Moose


Find out what happens when a scatterbrained Christmas Moose comes across a sleeping mouse’s to-do list. An endearing, personalized story that will fill your child with laughter and goodwill.

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Ages 2-8
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What our customers have to say about Kabook:

Zac P

My son has asked how the author could possibly know so much about him several times, but I'm going to keep the mystery going!

Kate F

Was struggling to come up with unique gifts for my nieces and nephews but then I found Kabook! The look on their faces was priceless the first time they saw that they were actually in the book!

Katie D

What better way to engage a child's interest in reading than to make her a character in the adventure?!

Sheree M

Kabook is such a creative way to tell a story and personally involve your children with their own photos and life experiences. It makes a wonderful gift!

Bring It In For a Hoof-Bump!

An interactive book that will engage your child. The Christmas Moose is a fun adventure for children of all ages. Your child will love giving the Moose a hoof-bump!

Moose Coming Through!

From haphazard Christmas tree decorating, to a funny, failed attempt at making Christmas cookies, your child will enjoy a personalized connection with the Christmas Moose.