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A spell has been cast on the kingdom and a special child holds the power to free the land. Create a personalized adventure for a child and experience the fun of our best selling book.

People.com Perfect Holiday Gift

"Perfect Holiday Gift"

Ages 2-7
1 Photo Required

Build Your Kabook!

This book requires 1 photo of the child that you upload when previewing the book.

First name:
Hair color:
Stuffed animal name:

What our customers have to say about Kabook:

Thad S

If you have a child in your life between the ages of 2 and 7, this is a fantastic experience. A book as an experience? Yes! Highly Recommended!

Jennifer G

Kabook is such a fun experience for kids from start to finish. Seeing the amazement in their eyes where they are "magically" in the story is so cool.

Garrett L

Kabook is so awesome. An amazing gift idea for friends and family. My nephew loved his.

Gary B

The coolest aspect of Kabook is that the stories weave your child into the plot, using both their pics and specific details about them, so that when you read the printed book to your child they are seamlessly woven into the adventure as the hero.

This Will Become Your Child's Favorite Book!

We have other personalized books. None of them invoke the joy my son gets from his Kabook, Wanted. - Sandra

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